Meggen Lowry (BPhty) (MHSM)

Cocreator of Clock Yourself

The Clock Yourself methodology was designed by Brisbane physiotherapist Meg Lowry of Next Step Physio.

Meg’s career goal is to tackle the undesirable conditions that we commonly associate with ageing; dementia, falls, osteoporosis (and associated fractures), incontinence and prolapse.

Clock Yourself is Meg’s flagship software application, and it represents her professional contribution to both the Dementia Prevention and Falls Prevention domains. Meg is excited to present this methodology to the research community with the hope it will be independently investigated.

Meg has also produced Balance Yourself, and  is now working on other novel clinical innovations that may change our course of ageing.

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Dave Wallace

Cocreator of Clock Yourself

Dave takes great ideas and turns them into reality.

The Clock Yourself app is the result of Meg’s great idea and Dave’s design and development expertise.

Together they have created an innovative product with the noble goal of improving its users lives.

Dave has over a decade of experience working on challenging and unique design problems. Working in a range of roles, often in a research context has allowed him to stay at the forefront of all things technology and design.

Prized for both his analytical and creative thought processes, Dave possesses a rare talent for communicating effectively across creative and technical domains. As such he has become the “go-to guy” for solving novel design problems in the cross-disciplinary niche where technology meets design.